Cabergoline bodybuilding dosageCabgoline (Cabergoline) is a Dostinex generic brand. It is a potent medication originally designed to treat a special kind of tumor of pituitary gland that leads to elevation of prolactin levels. Besides, Cabergoline shows effectiveness in the curing of excessive prolactin levels, Cushing’s disease and in a complex therapy of Parkinson’s disease. However, the drug turned out to be useful not only for sick people but also for bodybuilders, especially those administering anabolic steroids (Nandrolone or Trenbolone) that may raise the concentration of prolactin in the blood.

The preparation is manufactured in the liquid form or in pills, each of which contains 0.5mg of the active component.

The action the drug induces

The medication reduces the secretion of prolactin providing a possibility to raise the amounts of testosterone produced. It helps to prevent gynecomastia in males administering steroids. Besides, it diminishes the harmful effects of anabolics, especially low sex drive, and erection troubles.

Due to the connection between Cabergoline and testosterone increase, men, administering the drug, get sexually excited much faster. Their libido is high and the probability of experiencing any troubles with an erection is close to zero. Besides, the refractory period in men gets very short or even absent. Hence, they may experience multiple orgasms with ejaculation within short time periods.

In addition, the drug promotes a deep and calm night sleep, which is also useful for testosterone production. Some bodybuilders claim that the remedy improves the memory and increases durability during training.

The drug is usually used by athletes, who take anabolic steroids for increasing their body muscle mass. Some of these preparations may induce breast enlargement because they affect the amount of prolactin hormone in the male organism increasing it. Intake of Dostinex and prolactin levels reduction give them a possibility to receive the best results from administering steroid drugs without experiencing any negative effects.

Dosing regimen for athletes

Cabergoline bodybuilding dosage is no different from the one applied in its on-label usage. The athletes are advised to take 0.25mg of Cabergoline two times a week. Hence, a sportsman should take half a tablet. In case the results do not meet your needs, the dose may be increased to 0.5mg twice a week. The highest safe dose is 1mg of Cabergoline twice weekly. However, even such amount of the remedy may induce severe side effects. Dose titration may be done once in 4 weeks.

To reach the desired effect and protect themselves from hazardous influence of anabolic drugs, athletes should take the remedy together with the course of steroids. The common duration of the therapy with Dostinex is half a year.

Contraindications to Cabgoline

Athletes suffering from certain health problems should avoid taking Cabergoline. Here belong:

  • Liver disease;
  • Hypertension or hypotension;
  • Cardiological issues;
  • Allergy to the drug.

There might be some other conditions limiting the possibility of Cabgoline intake. Your doctor may provide you with an extensive information on this topic. Never start the therapy without consultation with a specialist.